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Cameroon Insider du 06-01-2020


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Published 06 January 2020
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Publisher : Marie Claire Nnana
Monday January 06, 2020 Issue N°046 Second Year 1 400 Fcfa N°001 / Friday 13 July 2018
Six Million Head For School Today Some six miLLion primary pupiLs and secondary schooL students wiLL be back in schooL today for the cruciaL second term, the most intense of the three terms. TraveL agencies were packed fuLL and intercity lights fuLLy booked as those on hoLidays were heading for their various schooL destinations yesterday. The return to schooL puts an end to the veritabLe hotchpotch observed across the country during the Christmas and New Year feasts which, though now over, have Left a serious dent in citizens’ purses. Pages 8, & 9 Government PM Dion NguteLed Team Marks Eventful First Year Cameroon Insider reviews the Last 12 months of the government under the Leadership of Prime Minister and Head of Government appointed by President PauL Biya on January 4, 2019Page 3A bus station in Yaounde yesterday. Similar scence were observed across the country CAF Awards Winners To Be Known Tomorrow Cameroonîans anxîously waîtîng for Ajara, Djeumfa or both for the 2019 awards of the Confederatîon of Afrîcan FootballPage. 15 CERACBusîness In 2019 Dangote Makes A Whoppîng New Executive Takes Office CFA 2, 500Bîllîon In Proits The new General Part of his Coordînator of the Cîrcle ofbusiness Frîends ofempire, Cameroon, Dr engLobing Grace Dîon cement, Ngute last lour, and Frîday sugar are in commîssîoned Cameroon. the new He is Africa’s members of the Fîrst Lady’srichest man humanîtarîanand the 96th organîsatîon in the worLd page 05 Pages. 8 & 9