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Cameroon Insider du 09-01-2020


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Published 09 January 2020
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Publisher : Marie Claire Nnana
Thursday January 9, 2020 Issue N°047 Second Year 1 400 Fcfa N°001 / Friday 13 July 2018
Paul Biya Receives New Year Wishes Today State dîgnîtarîes and members o the dîplomatîc corps wîll be at State House today or the tradîtîonal New Year wîshes Page . 3 ceremony. Presîdent Bîya îs expected to make a statement to the dîplomatîc corps A Day Wîth The “Abakwa Boys”What Makes PWD Bamenda Tîck These Days Ater a long lacklustre perîod, the Publîc Works Department Football Club o Bamenda îs back to wînnîng ways. Cameroon ïnsîder envoy was în Bamenda over the weekend to understand an extraordînary turnaround în sportîng perormance Pages 12 & 13 PWD Bamenda are currently N° 2 on the D1 league table Yaounde: Fîve-Star Hotel Project Takes Of At Last Centre Regîonal Governor, Naserî Paul Bea has been out sensîtîzîng resîdents o the cîty lake area to prepare to Page. 6 leave as work begîns today, Thursday on the 5-star luxury hotel around the vîcînîty CAF Awards February 9 Polls Ajara Loses, But Wîns Steam Gatherîng As Oicîal Many Cameroonîan Campaîgn ïs Awaîted HeartsWîth just 17 days to the start o oicîal campaîgns or the upcomîng twîn The Awards ceremony în Egypt Tuesday evenîngelectîons, varîous stakeholders have been layîng the ground work or the produced Sadîo Mane as Arîcan Footballer oexercîse whîch promîses Ireworks Pages. 4 & 5 the Year. Cameroon’s emale natîonal team emerged Arîca’s best... DRCïran 6000 People 176 Perîsh ïn Kîlled ïn Measles of the yearOutbreakPlane CrashNchout Ajara, winner of hearts Sadio Mane, 2019 African Footballer Details on Page 15Page. 16 Page. 16