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Anticipating, shaping and powering a sustainable future in Djibouti
Energy access rates and reliability in Africa are the lowest in the world and electricity costs are some of the highest. Djibouti has ambitious plans to change its energy mix with the country's first renewable energy project. The 59MW wind farm will almost double the country's current installed power generation capacity to reach over 200MW.
Siemens Gamesa is starting Djibouti's energy transition to provide cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy to its people and key industries, while supporting long-term sustainability and economic growth.
CONTENTS p. 16Keeping the terrorists at bay What is the key to halting al-Qaeda and ISIS?
Readers’ views 04comments and letters Your Kaleidoscope 06 Brîefs 14Quote/unquote Editorial 15Hars lessons from awful realîty COVER STORY 16te terrorîsts at bay Keepîng 17AQ ave moved to Afrîca ISIS, 22 Is Al-Sabaab becomîng bolder? 24 We can sîlence te guns Baffour’s beefs 26Carryîng your own water
Special country focus: Djibouti 29Djîboutî – puncîng  above îts weîgt 30Placîng Djîboutî at  te eart of global trade 34Djîboutî ‘10 years  aead’ of rîvals 36Intervîew: Aboubaker  Omar Hadî, Caîrman, DIFTZ 40Intervîew: Amed Osman,  Governor, Central Bank of Djîboutî 42Becomîng a dîgîtal powerouse 43Intervîew: Abdouraman Alî  Abdîllaî, DG, Aîr Djîboutî 46Intervîew: Madî Darar Obsîe,  Dîrector General, NIPA 47he 7 wonders of Djîboutî 50 Intervîew: Idîl Aden Roble,  Djîboutî Camber of Commerce
Jo’burg diary 52he polîtîcs of Black parentood Letter from london 54Rodney Kîng’s legacy lîves on Special report 56Cameroon: Strengt în dîversîty Trends 64Big boost for African creatives Sport 66Afrîcan soccer star proiles:  Rîyad Marez and N’Golo Kanté Culture 70Lomé’s Palais basks in cultural  sunshine Back to the future 74Do we really want looted îcons back?
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Holy Grail not yet in sight I found Anver Versi’s optimism (Hoy Gai in Sigt, December 2019 issue) about the potential 5G presents for Africa quite interesting.Besides highlighting the enormous advantages a robust 5G network will bring to Africa, the Editor fell short of identifying mitigating factors currently bedevilling the continent. Access, aordability of data and systematic shutdown of the internet by various governments are worth considering. More than anywhere else globally, mobile internet data in Africa costs 8% of average income. Besides costs, internet speeds are a problem as projections show Africa is at least ve years away from faster 4G mobile networks having a major impact. ese issues, if not addressed in a speedy, proactive manner, will hinder the eectiveness of our projected ‘Holy Grail’. One of the rst steps is opening access to the digital spectrum, specically, the mid-band spectrum that companies need to roll out 5G technology. Providing this spectrum will facilitate 5G adoption throughout urban and rural Africa, with accompanying benets. Before this is done, my view is one of cautious optimism regarding the eect of 5G and on whom African governments will lean in relation to infrastructure and service provision. Kada Lawrence Ngbale Yola, Nigeria
Restive masses and public libraries Sara Benaissa’s article (Hea Me Roa,February 2020 issue) is a brilliant, in-depth analysis of Algeria’s revolution and the role played by women to secure freedom from oppression. Today in many parts of the globe, including prime capital cities in the West and in certain countries of Asia which have been home to prominent expensive luxury brands, we see scenes of lawlessness and storms of rubber bullets between protesters and law enforcement agencies.
e people of the world, irrespective of their places of origin, or backgrounds, are displaying a united front in solidarity. ey are demanding, with one voice and undeterred in their expression, that the democratic process must be free from undue inuence, and that the will of the people must be respected in transparent electoral processes run by a mandated independent electoral body, free from political patronage and inuence-peddling. Given several revolutions witnessed in dierent countries, the daily lives of citizens seem to be creating more awareness – it is like a world with unimaginable porous borders, allowing opinions touching hearts and minds, and people’s views to blend in a united voice to express one single opinion: the need for a transparent political process. While I’m here I would also like to compliment Audrey Donkor for her articleTime fo a Libay Boom acoss Arica,also in the February-March issue. It is very well-written and an important wake-up call to not only countries in Africa but all the LDCs around the globe. Public or national libraries are very essential in imparting knowledge on a variety of subjects, not only to students in higher learning institutions or universities, but they facilitate the advancement of human and social development all over the world. Ignoring the provision of public libraries to citizens is like denying their right to intellectual ability. However, the article correctly exposes that governments in Africa attach more importance and signicance to infrastructure development, while overlooking the monumental advantages and gains members of society can derive when enough resources are allocated for public libraries. Libraries are great storehouses of the accumulated wisdom of the human species. ey open the door to great minds past and present. ey are a gi to the human intellect. Ignore them at your peril. Kokil K. Shah, Mombasa, Kenya
AFCON must be played every our years, says FIFA president
FIFA’s President Gianni Inantino has urged that the Arica Cup o Nations, the continent’s biggest ootball tournament, be played every our years instead o two. Inantino said revenue could rise up to six times or a our-yearly continental championship, with it becoming a must-see event “not only or Arica but the world”. His comments came in a keynote speech at a conerence in Salé, Morocco, on developing soccer in Arica, and closing a widening gap to Europe’s dominance o the world game. “There is an impression that Arica is going backwards,” he said, reminding his audience o
Pelé’s amous prediction that an Arican team would win a World Cup by 2000. None o Arica’s five teams at the 2018 World Cup advanced rom the group stage. Arica has had three quarter-finalists in World Cup history, though none reached the semi-finals. “We have to intervene seriously,” Inantino said o FIFA’s role helping Arica in the areas o reereeing, soccer inrastructure and competitions. FIFA has efectively run the troubled Conederation o Arican Football (CAF) or the past six months. Inantino sent his Senegalese secretary general, Fatma Samoura, rom Zurich to oversee the Cairo-based CAF.
Malawi’s army praised or protecting protesters
Malawi’s army has been commended for protecting protesters who have been calling for a change to the result of last year’s disputed elections.Hé coury as béé row o poca urmo aTér a cour auéd as May’s Présdéa ééco, wc orgay saw Présdé Péér Muarka éécéd o oïcé. Scé é, Maaw’s army as béé praséd or s roé  saéguardg é démocrac procéss. Voé casés béwéé pocé ad proésérs as yéar éd o é mary gég vovéd. Pocé îréd éargas ad o umérous occasos é
marcérs oug back.  oé cdé,  a résvé aréa éar é capa ogwé, a pocéma was soéd o déa durg é voécé. O aoér occaso  ogwé, proésérs bur a pocé armouréd vécé ad orcéd sévéra pocé ousés. Hé army é séppéd  o résoré ordér ad cam ad proécéd démosraors. Wé dépoyg orcés  Augus as yéar, Maaw Déécé Forcés (MDF) commadér Vcé Nudwé décaréd a s prory was “o ésuré a Maaw s sovérég as wé as péacéu”. “Récé magés o Maaw army sodérs proécg ad éadg opposo ray démosraos aré couér-uvé  é éyés o may Arcas,” sad Néw York-baséd Maawa poca aays Naa Cumé.  Arca, “Wé aré uséd o séég aoa armés ypcay dépoyéd o é sréés o éorcé govérmé’s ordérs agas opposo mémbérs, o o guaraéé é rgs o czés o péacéuy démosraé ad péo é govérmé,” é addéd.
Fifa Pesident Gianni Infantino () and Confedeation of Arican Footba (CAF) Pesident Amad Amad () and te 2019 Arica Cup of Nations topy to Ageia’s captain, Riyad Maez
ANNETTE YOUNG Looking at women who are reshaping our world
Already available on DTT platforms in 26 countries (including unencrypted in Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Mauritius, ESwatini...), FTA on the satellites SES 5, Eutelsat 16A, Astra 2G, IS 20 and on MMDS, cable, satellite, IPTV bouquets and Mobile devices offers across Africa.
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