English now n°109
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English now n°109


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Des articles variés sur la culture anglophone (économie, business, société, portrait, people, voyage...) et sur la langue (vocabulaire, grammaire, expressions idiomatiques, exercices, phonétique) vous permettront de progresser rapidement et d'être capable de vous sentir à l'aise avec un Anglophone. Les articles sont écrits par des spécialistes de la langue pour un niveau débutant à intermédiaire.



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Published 29 September 2020
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ENGLISHno109 English April - May 2020 North Cornwall The land of
Les marchés aux puces
Expressions avec le mot ‘horse’
GRAMMAIRE :Le superlatif
CONVERSATION : BOOST YOUR ENGLISH! une leçon d’équitation
WHO ARE THEY? Jackie RobiSon
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Welcome to English Now number 109!de la Table Ronde, Merlin l’enchanteur et la quête du Graal!sOMo109MApril -AMaiy2020 CONTENTS Vous connaissez la légende du Roi Arthur, les Chevaliers Cette légende est commune à la France et aux îles Britanniques; PEOPLE PLACES NEWS VOCABULARY LANGUAGE et même si l’on ne sait pas avec certitude où se trouve le château FUN AND GAMES NEXT ISSUE AND ANSWERS Camelot, c’est dans le nord de la Cornouailles que l’on peut visiter des sites emblématiques. Ce numéro vous fera voyager 4-5FORUMdans le temps et dans la légende du Roi Arthur, sur les marchés Where do you shop at the weekend? aux puces et vous invite à célébrer le Jackie Robinson Day, le 15 avril.6-710 THINGS TO KNOWThe legend of King Arthur Bonne quête !  Valérie Hyenveux, rédactrice en chef WHO ARE THE 8-9Y?Jackie Robinson ofKi ndng eA10-11NOW NEWS gr leth eu hr T12-13NST?EMATAHWISMedieval characters alcha ievrac d14-15eteMEETr Ms Tony Mould, stockman in South Australia 16-17GRAMMAR FILESThe superlative 18-19SRDWO,DSORWExpressions with the word ‘horse’ 620-21READ ALL ABOUT ITFlea markets kets ar m a e22-23ENGLISH AT WORK lF Bargaining at a market 24-25ONUNPRIONCIATPronunciation in fast speech 1226-29TRAVELOGUE North Cornwall: The land m o c kof the legendary King Arthur . rthCornwto c a olls Nr 31NOW YOU’RE TALKINGe t uh /A first horse-riding lesson S n o t r a B ly W32HSILOOCNGEINKil © Authentic British scones 20 33VIVALKITSURReassuring someone who is worried Authent icB34-35FROM… GREETINGS r it isKing Arthur’s trail in Cornwall hS c o 36STAR WORDS n e s 37NEWS FROM THE STUDIOS 38-39INTERVIEWTintagel Visitor Center 26NOTIMETODIEandTHEWOMANINTHEWINDOW 40COMING SOON41UMISCRELEASES 32 David Bowie and Pearl Jam 42WISH YOU WERE HERE The Arthurian Centre Article enanglais américain 43-47ENGLISH NOW TEST - articleluetenregistrésur CD ou en téléchargeable (www.englishnow.fr) 49NEXT ISSUE & ANSWERS - Des exercices de prononciation et d’intonation AUDIO - Une conversation spontanée (avec sa transcription sur Go Digital) Unexercice interactifse rapporte à cet article dans Go Digital. INTERACTIVE Les articles couvrent les niveaux A1 à B1 du Cadre Européen Communenglishnow.fr EXERCISES de Référence pour les langues. Débutant Élémentaire A1 A2 B1 IntermédiaireEnglish Now o 109 April - May 2020
PAErticle byLouannePPiccolLoE FORUM shopWhe do you at the weekend? Do you go ? to a Raditional mrket
to shop a physiotherapist whether it’s
ANNE,48,physiotherapistfrom Bournemouth, England, UK Whetherit’sat the weekend or during the week, I always shop at the supermarket. It’s easier to buy everything I need from one shop. I can get toilet paper, cleaning products, fruit, vegetables,dairyand evensocksat the local supermarket – so why go to the market?
CAROLE,18, student from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I love markets! There is so much to see and to do at a market.AlthoughI don’t go shopping everyweekend, I like going to clothes markets. I’m a big fan of vintage clothes and there are always vintagestallsat markets. ThejacketI’m wearing now is from a market!
faire ses courses un kinésithérapeute (ici) que ce soit
English Now o 109- May 2020 April
PADDY,59,dog trainerfrom Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia I’m embarrassed because my wife does all the shopping! But, I worked as a musher in the French Alps 20 years ago and there was a traditional market every Thursday in the village. There was localcheese, fruit and vegetables. It was delicious andcheap, and I shopped there every week.
dairy a sock although
les produits laitiers une chausette bien que, même si
a stall a jacket a dog trainer cheese cheap
un étal, un stand une veste un dresseur de chien du fromage à bas prix, bon marché
FRED,50,cookfrom Jersey, Channel Islands As a professional cook, I make a point of buying food from traditional markets. Did you know that Jersey’s Central Market is about 200 years old? I buy food there from thebaker,butcherand fishmongerevery weekend. It’s fresh and it supportsthe local economy. Supermarkets are not for me.
MAUD,32, personal assistant from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa There is a great market on thebeachfrontin Durban every Sunday. You can find clothes, food,secondhand booksand art there. When I was at university, I went to the market almost every weekend. Now, I have small children and I don’t go so often. Maybe I’ll go this weekend!
NICOLE,47,tax inspectorfrom Wichita, Kansas, USA I do mygroceryshoppingon Mondays and I don’t often buy clothes. But if I go shopping for things other than food, I never go to a traditional market. Markets aredirty, there are too many people and the clothes are often bad quality. Why shop at a market when you can shop on the Internet?
a cook a baker a butcher a fishmonger to support
un cuisinier un boulanger un boucher un poissonnier soutenir
the beachfront a secondhand book a tax inspector grocery shopping dirty
le front de mer un livre d’occasion un inspecteur des impôts les courses sale
English Now o 109 April - May 2020