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Janvier-février 2020A spécial issue : FEEL GOODA new trend in journalism : concentrating on what is good rightThe five languages of loveBeautiful English wordsJames Redfield, The Celestine ProphecyMary Kondo, the queen of tidyTom Hanks talks about A Beautiful DayNew trend in the workplace



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Published 01 July 2019
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January - February 2020
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*Enseignements Pratiques InterdisciplinairesWelcome to Go English number 100! contents
In celebration of our 100th issue, we wanted to deliver n o   1 0 0  January-February 2020
something special. As we are starting a new year, and a new
NEWSdecade, we decided to bring you an offering of joy and
4-5 In the News B2 C1optimism. This is a ‘feel good’ issue, focusing on the bright
C1side of life. Love, gratitude, inspiration, fowers and jam 5 Press Clippings
are just some of the positive topics you will fnd in this issue. 6-7 The News in Depth B2 C1
A new trend in journalism: Concentrating We do hope that reading these articles will lift your spirits
on what is going right! and help you start this new year with a sense of hope.
Valérie Hyenveux, editor in chief LANGUAGE
8-10 Words & Culture C1
The fve languages of love
11 What to Say B1
How to express gratitude
A new trend B1 B212-13 Tips & Techniques 6 in journalism Having a conversation to lift someone’s spirits
B1 C214-15 The Grammar Point to
Adverbs [2/2]
C116-17 Did You Know?
Inspirational quotes
The fve languages 18 1 0 Words B2 C1 8 of love Beautiful English words
20-21 Life as Art B2
James Redfeld, The CelesTine ProPheCy24 22-23 Profle B2 C1
Marie Kondo, the queen of tidying
24-27 Travel Time C1 C2
‘A Deep Dive’
C1 C229-31 Talking to
Tom Hanks talks about A BeAuTiful DAy
in The neighBorhooD
B232-33 On the Job
Karen Woodley, fower grower and sellerA Deep Dive
C1 C234-36 Indus try Focus
New trends in the workplace
B1 B236 Numbers Talking
37 Business News B2 C1 34 LIFESt YLE
38 Trendy Places B1 New trends
Valley of Flowers National Park, North Indiain the workplace
40-41 Insights C1
In pursuit of happiness
42-43 What’s Up? B2 C1
B2 C144-45 World of Food
We’re jamming! 44
We’re jamming!
B2 C146-47 Quiz
SYmBOLS: Article in American English The good news quiz
48 Just Kidding! B2 C1 Article read and recorded on audio fles
B2 C1The audio fles also have pronunciation and intonation 48 Tongue Twisters
Digital Audio exercises based on articles from the magazine. 49 Next Issue & Answersexercise
The articles range from level B1 to C2 of the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages. goenglish.frB1 Intermediate AdvancedC1
B2 Upper Intermediate C2 Profciency
Go English No 100 January-February 2020 3
Article by r uth Adam
t hose bees you come across, faltering on
city pavements…
They are exhausted apparently, as bees have a fast metabolism and can
quickly run out of energy. Now, in Norwich, England, a man called Dan
Harris has invented a small card that can save bees. The card, which is to
be placed beside a bee so it can resuscitate itself, has three indentations
flled with a sugar solution and a sticker cover that can be peeled off.
Harris, who also founded Bee Saviour Behaviour, a group committed to
saving the bee population and raising awareness of the importance of
the insects, has already made the cards available in his hometown and
hopes eventually to see them mass-produced.
to falter faiblir, vaciller an indentation (ici) une cavité
city pavement les trottoirs to peel off enlever, retirer
exhausted épuisé, exténué to raise awareness sensibiliser
Smart water metres
An engineering professor from Stellenbosch
University, in South Africa, discovered that
his daughter’s school had a phenomenal water bill. Professor
Thinus Booysen had already designed a device that helped
people calculate their electricity consumption, so he adapted
it to monitor the school’s water usage, and found that a huge
amount was going to waste every day. It was fortunate he
discovered this as, in 2018, Cape Town came perilously close
to being the world’s frst major city to run out of water.
Professor Booysen went on to help other schools and Peace can work…
institutions, and now the Western Cape government plans
The Crips are one of the most violent to install his metres in all of its 1,500 schools. A key issue,
Professor Booysen discovered, was poor maintenance: street gangs in Los Angeles, and the
a leaking toilet can waste thousands of litres per day, and Bloods are their oldest enemy. They fght
taps that won’t turn off properly can be easily fxed with on the street, and they fght again when
a new washer. they end up in prison, but Atong Lucky,
an ex-Bloods leader who’s had his own a water bill une facture d’eau perilously dangereusement
to monitor surveiller leaking qui fuit struggle with street life, is trying to change
to go to waste être gaspillé a tap un robinet this. When he got out of prison, he became washer (ici) un joint
one of the founders of Original Gangsters
United, an initiative that wants to help
young people escape criminal involvement.
Lucky decided to work with opposing gang
leaders to create peace – and it worked.
They know what the street can offer –
jail, death or hospital – so they have the
knowledge and experience to act as
mentors to a new generation and help
bring about an end to the violence in
their communities.
a struggle une épreuve, une lutte
a jail une prison
4 Go English No 100 January-February 2020
© CC BY-SA 3.0
Article by r uth Adam
The number of athletes chosen
to represent their countries is
growing. Training is intensifying
and many have already booked One man on
their fights to Tokyo for the a moped helps next Olympic Games.
thousands of
students in Chandigarh, India
I planned really hard for this and “thankfully all went well. It is a dream of For three years, Sandeep Kumar has been going
every athlete to represent his country door to door on his moped collecting used books
at the Olympics and win a medal. The frst and stationery which he later distributes to
goal has been achieved and now the second underprivileged students. Because of his teaching
one remains. I am sure I will win a medal work, Kumar knew that many of his students lived
for my country at the Olympics.in abject poverty: their families frst needed money ”
r avi Dahiya, Indian wrestling championfor food, and books belonged in another world.
Then it dawned on him that most people throw out
old textbooks, so he began contacting students
When I think about going to the Olympics and arranging to collect their books when they “it makes my belly turn over, but that ring in fnished their studies. Also, new students now sign
Tokyo is where I’m meant to be.a form, promising to return their books when they ”
Ellie Scotney, British featherweight boxergraduate. Kumar no longer works alone: his idea
was so successful and is so well known that he now
has 200 volunteers to help him.
It’s been a long time since Ireland, “a moped un vélomoteur, underprivileged défavorisé a great equestrian nation, has qualifed
/mo: ped/ une mobylette abject poverty une pauvreté extrême in show jumping and it was this team’s
stationery des fournitures to belong appartenir responsibility to bring it home. For de bureau to dawn on venir à l’esprit
the frst time ever, Ireland will now be
represented in all three equestrian
disciplines – dressage, eventing and
jumping – in Japan next year. ”
r odrigo Pessoa – Chef d’Equipe of the Irish show
jumping team
British Columbia saves its
wilderness for future generations Learn the name Caeleb Dressel. Learn “the somewhat annoying spelling of the frst Hundreds of students, business people, philanthropists
name. Learn what he looks like. Learn it all.
and sailors raised $CAN 3 million to buy coastal land that Because he races in swimming’s coolest
was up for private sale. The land consists of almost 2,000 event: the 50m freestyle. It’s the 100-m
acres* of stunning glacier-carved gorge and is home to dash of the pool, and it’s the most exciting
grizzlies, mountain goats and eagles. It is known as the individual race there is. Watch him go. ”Yosemite of the North, where the huge Douglas frs meet Shane r yan, American sportswriter
the fjord, and waterfalls drop over sheer granite cliffs.
It is also of great cultural importance for the indigenous
community, the Sechelt First Nation, who are in discussion I am building a fre, and everyday “I train, I add more fuel. At just the right with the Parks Foundation regarding how the land will
moment, I light the match. be used. ”
Mia hamm, retired gold-medal American soccer
*around 810 hectares player and olympic gold medalist
a sailor un marin, un matelot a Douglas fr un sapin de Douglas,
thankfully heureusementcoastal land des terres côtières un pin d’Orégon
stunning magnifque, sheer abrupt, à pic wrestling la lutte
éblouissant a cliff une falaise belly le ventre, l’estomac
meant to be censé être
featherweight poids plume
eventing concours complet d’équitation
annoying (ici) diffcile, pénible
spelling l’othographe
freestyle nage libre
a dash une course
fuel du carburant
a match une allumette
Go English No 100 January-February 2020 5