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Magazine en anglais pour les niveaux intémédiaire à avancé : The great british picnic - Conversations about water sports - Big little lies : saison 2 - Special Michael Jackson.



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Published 05 January 2019
Language English
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no 96
May - June 2019
‘Big Little Lies’ 5 5 O+ season 2 LEXICALISED
Three conversations
about water sports
Irregular Choice,
shoes made to
stand out!
Michael Jackson
Life as Art: The T hriller Profle: The Trendy places: A Michael
phenomenon King of Pop Neverland Ranch Jackson quiz
audio exercises
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n o   9 6  May-June 2019
Noms de plume
NEWS– What’s in a name?
4-5 In the News B2 C1
C15 Press Clippings
6-7 The News in Depth B2 C1
The (s)heroes who rose above adversity
C1 C28-10 Words & Culture
Talking about Noms de plume – What’s in a name?
water sports
B111 What to Say
How to talk about books
B1 B212-13 Tips & Techniques
Talking about water sports
14-15 The Grammar Point B1 to C2
Conditionals: Types 0 and 1
16-17 Did You Know? C122 Expressions connected with music
18 1 0 Words B2 C1 Michael Jackson The language of literature
– The King of Pop
B220-21 Life as Art
Michael Jackson, ThrillerAvebury
B2 C122-23 Profle
Michael Jackson – The King of Pop
C124-27 Travel Time
Avebury, ancient stones and legends
29-31 Talking to C1 C2
Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Reese
Witherspoon about ‘Big Little Lies’
B224 32-33 On the Job
Musician Lon Bové
34-36 Industry Focus C1 C2Tr AvEL TImE
Irregular Choice, shoes made to stand out!
36 Numbers Talking B1 B2
B2 C137 Business News
38 Trendy Places B1
Irregular Choice Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch,
Santa Barbara, California
40-41 Insights B2 C1
Musical paralysis
42-43 World of Food B2 C1
The great British picnic
44-45 What’s Up? B2 C1The great 42 British picnic
C146 Quiz
SYmBOLS: Article in American English How much do you know about Michael Jackson?
48 Just Kidding! B2 C1 Article read and recorded on audio fles
B1 C2The audio fles also have pronunciation and intonation 48 Tongue Twisters to
Digital Audio exercises based on articles from the magazine. 49 Next Issue & Answersexercise
The articles range from level B1 to C2 of the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages. goenglish.frB1 Intermediate AdvancedC1
B2 Upper Intermediate C2 Profciency
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© Irregular choice
Article by r uth Adam
r edundancies in the canine narcotics force
Since cannabis was decriminalized, many a policeman’s best friend has had
to take early retirement. In just one city, St John’s in Newfoundland, Canada,
as many as 14 dogs needed to be replaced. This is both expensive and
time-consuming; it costs about $5,000 to train each new pup, and it can take
from 20 to 50 weeks to complete a training course. The reason for this layoff
is that it’s easy to retrain a dog and add a substance to their repertoire, but
eliminating something from their scent recognition is impossible. Two of the
dogs in St John’s that were old enough to retire anyway were adopted by their
handlers – that made two happy endings! And some dogs will be needed in
certain states in the US where possession of cannabis remains an offence.
a redundancy (ici) un licenciement time-consuming chronophage, scent recognition (ici) le panel de reconnaissance
the canine narcotics la compagnie cynophile qui prend du temps olfactive
force anti-drogue to train former a handler un dresseur
decriminalized dépénalisé a pup un chiot to remain rester
retirement la retraite a layoff un licenciement an offence un délit
Unknown writers get
a slot on prime-time tv
The late-night Tv comedy hosts Seth meyers
and Trevor Noah are making a point of
having unknown authors on their shows,
those who are struggling perhaps to
publicize their frst or second novel.
Publishers have long been fretting over
the loss of Oprah Winfrey’s daytime show
and her book club, which overnight could
transform an obscure novel into a blockbuster. tourism’s bad press spreads
So now, authors and publishers alike are
to the Antipodes thrilled with this potential publicity. A nod
from either of these presenters (whose
Thanks to lord of The rings being shot all over New Zealand, programs average over 1.5 million viewers)
millions of tourists now fock there to see Middle Earth. This can determine the fate of a book, lead to
is good for the country’s economy, but last year, it had further public appearances and reviews,
nearly four million tourists (its population is only 4.8 million!) and send book sales soaring.
and not all of their behaviour was exemplary…refusing to
pick up their rubbish on beaches, stealing, throwing food a slot un créneau horaire
to struggle avoir du mal à on restaurant foors and dumping chips on others beach
to publicize promouvoir, faire la publicité de
towels. The government and tourism industry now aim a novel un roman
to educate visitors by asking them to care for the local to fret over se tracasser
overnight du jour au lendemainenvironment during their trip. The locals are fghting back,
to be thrilled with être ravi de
too, and the mayor of Westland District, a remote area on a nod un signe de tête, un clin d’œil
the fate le sortSouth Island, has been quite blunt: “I don’t have any problem
soaring qui s’envole, en très forte hausseat all with locals throwing tourists in a lake when they leave
their rubbish lying around or biff* it out a window,” he said.
* ‘Biff’ is NZ slang for ‘throw’.
to spread se propager, s’étendre rubbish les déchets
shot (ici) tourné to steal voler, dérober
to fock affuer to throw jeter
Middle Earth la Terre du Milieu to dump déverser
behaviour le comportement to aim viser, avoir pour but
to pick up ramasser remote isolé, reculé
blunt direct, cru
4 Go English No 96 May-June 2019
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© Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
© JStone / Shutterstock.com
Article by r uth Adam
Some of the more dazzling Brexit
clippings on the Irish border
It would seem that Ireland is the last
thorn in the British side. Throughout Not for the
the interminable, trying and wearisome
fainthearted Brexit debate, some comments have been
deeply ofensive – or absolutely hilarious
A South African musician remained awake and played – depending on what your strategy is
his guitar while doctors removed a tumor from his to remain sane.
brain. It’s a technique known as ‘awake craniotomy’,
and allows doctors to operate on delicate areas of
There has to be an argument, doesn’t the brain without causing damage. The doctors “there, that says instead of Dublin telling wanted to make sure they removed as much of the
this country [UK] that we have to stay tumor as they safely could, while preserving the
in the single market, etc… why doesn’t musician’s dexterity, and they also had to ensure
the Republic of Ireland leave the EU and that whatever neural pathways he used for music
throw in their lot with this country?were preserved. This would have been impossible ”
John h umphreys, political journalist and news to do without him remaining awake. Choosing
presenter for BBC radio and televisionpatients, however, is very important, as people who
cough or who cannot lie still for extended periods
are far more dangerous to operate on. Otherwise,
For some reason, the onus [in Brexit] it is a procedure that has become fairly common and “has been shifted back onto Ireland, that poses no greater challenge than usual brain surgery.
we should compromise, that we are the
ones trying to be awkward or difcult.not for the the fainthearted à déconseiller aux âmes sensibles ”awake éveillé h elen McEntee, Irish EU Minister, speaking
the brain le cerveau on BBC r adio 4
to remove enlever
neural pathways le chemin neural
to cough tousser
to lie still être allongé immobile She [Thatcher] would have said,
fairly assez, plutôt “‘Look, if the Irish want to shoot each other,
they will shoot each other, whether there
1is a hard border or whether there is a soft
2border , that is something the Irish will
do if they want to do it.’ ”
Stanley Johnson, former Conservative MP (and
father of Boris), speaking about Margaret t hatcher English cafes fght back against on the tv show ‘Good Morning Britain’
supermarkets’ waste of food
I am increasingly admiring of Donald
Across England, there is a growing environmental “Trump, [and] I have become more and more
movement that collects and uses waste food. Founded convinced that there is method in his
in 2013 by former chef Adam Smith, The Real Junk Food madness. Imagine Trump doing Brexit.
He’d go in bloody hard… There’d be all Project encourages supermarkets to give its members
sorts of breakdowns, all sorts of chaos. the food that they would otherwise have thrown into skips
But actually, you might get somewhere. and would eventually end up in a landfll . The owners
It’s a very, very good thought.
of a cafe that opened in South West London last year ”Boris Johnson, former Foreign Secretary, speaking weighed everything that came through their door, and at the Institute of Directors.
found they had saved 1.39 tonnes of food in just over six
1months. On Sunday nights, they get a text telling them Hard borders can be fortifed borders, with wire fenced borders.
2what food is available from local supermarkets and Soft borders include open, regulated and controlled frontiers.
bakeries, and on Monday morning, they drive around to
dazzling éclatant, éblouissantcollect it. There isn’t a lot of time for planning menus, a thorn une épine
but the volunteer cooks are now adept at creating wearisome épuisant, lassant
sane sainmenus with whatever is available.
to throw in their lot lier leurs destins, s’associer
onus la responsabilité, la charge
to shift back onto basculer sur
waste le gaspillage awkward embarrassant, génant
otherwise sinon, sans quoi to shoot each other se tirer dessus
a skip une benne madness la folie
(à ordures) to go in bloody hard foncer dans le tas,
a landfll une décharge (informal) y aller très fort
to weigh peser a breakdown une panne, un échec
a bakery une boulangerie a thought une idée, une opinion
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