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Juillet-août 2019 : Retour sur les années Peace & LoveLe 50e anniversaire de WoodstockLes expressions des années 60La vie de Jimmy HendrixL'amour du sarcasme chez les BritanniquesLa forme du conditionnelJoan Baez, chanteuse et activiste



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Published 01 July 2019
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July - August 2019
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How podcasts
NEWSare solving crimes
4-5 In the News B2 C1
C15 Press Clippings
6-7 The News in Depth B2 C1
How podcasts are solving crimes
C1 C28-10 Words & Culture
The British love of sarcasmSounds of the sixties and seventies
B111 What to Say
How to convince someone
B1 B212-13 Tips & Techniques
Conversations about a music festival
14-15 The Grammar Point B1 to C2
Conditionals: Type 220 16-17 Did You Know? C1
Sixties slang
Jimi Hendrix, 18 1 0 Words B2 C1
Sounds of the sixties and seventiesAre You experienced?
B2 C120-21 Life as Art
Jimi Hendrix, Are You experienced?
B2 C122-23 Profle
Joan Baez, singer and activist
C124-27 Time Travel
Woodstock Festival’s 50th anniversary
29-31 Talking to C1 C2
Spike Lee, at this year’s Oscars 24 BUSINESS
32-33 On the Job B2TImE Tr AvEL Beth Kempton, wellness expert
Woodstock Festival’s 50th anniversary 34-36 Industry Focus C1 C2
Ben & Jerry’s: Ice cream and much, much more
36 Numbers Talking B1 B2
37 Business News B2 C1
B138 Trendy Places
Letchworth State Park, Livingston and Wyoming
Talking To counties, New York, USA
Spike l ee B2 C140-41 Insights
The Isle of Wight Festival
C142-43 World of Food
Hippie food: Making old trends new again
B2 C144-45 What’s Up? 42
Hippie food FUN AND GAMES
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A fower power quiz
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Article by r uth Adam
Being an explorer in the 21st century
The American-based Explorers Club is full of venerable old men who have
all been the frst to sail somewhere or climb something and it was all very
diffcult and dangerous to do. But the defnition of exploration needs to
be expanded as younger explorer/scientists have to pioneer in a different
way. At this year’s science weekend, the club’s new members were invited
to present their ideas. These include robots that can explore caves
to sail faire de la voile, naviguerimpenetrable to humans, or high-resolution satellite images that can
to climb grimper, faire l’ascension de
track whales behaviour. Using these new tools will be the new way expanded étendu, élargi
to pioneer innover, inventerto explore, to look more closely at what has already been discovered.
to track suivre, localiser
For as they rightly say, in today’s world, there are no places left any more a whale une baleine
where they can be frst. a behaviour un comportement
t he bloodless cardboard
battles of Box Wars
This all began one evening in the noughties when
some Australian men started a friendly duel with
foam noodles (okay, they had previously been to
the pub) but out of this grew the idea of battles
where the armour and swords would be made of
cardboard. One of the men had long been making
cardboard suits for his own amusement and
walked around town in them: invaluable experience.
But Boxwars now has a worldwide following. No one
is hurt, and the idea is not to conquer; instead,
the battle is over when no piece of cardboard is
left standing. There are no losers, as one of the
founders disarmingly puts
it: if you are doing this
How the world’s largest kind of thing, you’ve got
to be a loser already. democracy organises its
Known as the world’s largest democracy,
everything connected with India’s voting
system involves large numbers: 900 million
registered voters; 1 million polling stations
and a staff of 12 million polling offcials.
The government is dedicated to collecting
every vote, however isolated, and often, at
the end of a long train journey, the terrain
is so remote that election offcials have to
continue by elephant or on foot for three
days. And also, bear in mind that they may
well have to keep a lookout for lions, tigers
and cobras.
bloodless sans effusion de sang
cardboard du cartona polling station un bureau de vote
the noughties les années 2000a staff un personnel
foam noodles des frites en mousseremote isolé, perdu
a sword une épéeto bear in mind ne pas oublier,
a suit un costumegarder en tête
disarmingly de façon désarmante
4 Go English No 97 July-August 2019
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Pr ESS Cl IPPINGSB2 C1 C12-6 7
Article by Ruth Adam
The BBC calls it the “Greta Eect”.
Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish
schoolgirl, has galvanised a generation
of schoolchildren and students Inner-city housing
worldwide into campaigning inequality against climate change. She’s been
1compared to Cassandra of Troy In order to win planning permission, upmarket
2and Joan of Arc – hard acts to follow, apartment blocks in central London must include
but she continues to speak her mind some affordable housing. A recent G u a r d i a n
to politicians who pay lip service to climate investigation found that poorer residents are forced
issues, but in the end do precious little. to use different entrances — nicknamed ‘poor
doors’ — and in one development there was a play
area which was out of bounds to children from the
Once we found Greta, we were like – low-rent apartments. The reasoning behind this “oh that’s amazing, let me try, let me do segregation is that residents of low-cost dwellings,
something similar.
and the housing associations that manage them, ”
Haven Coleman, a schoolgirl climate activist cannot contribute to the huge service charges
from Coloradorequired for the upkeep of a lavish apartment
building. So, the effort to keep cities as places for
everyone, not just the ultra-rich, continues to be an
As I listened to you, I felt great admiration, uphill battle and poor doors are a growing trend. “but also a sense of responsibility and guilt...
upmarket chic, huppé a dwelling une habitation I recognise we have not done nearly enough
affordable abordable, upkeep l’entretien to deal with the problem of climate change.
pas trop cher lavish somptueux, ”
nicknamed surnommé luxueux Michael Gove, British Environment Secretary
a play area une aire de jeux an uphill battle un dur combat,
out of bounds inaccessible une tâche ardue
low-rent à loyer modéré a trend une tendance
Is Greta the new Che Guevara?“ ”
German TV-anchor Maybrit Ilner during a TV
debate about the striking school children
A hippie life far away from
Greta was recently named ‘Woman of “sunny California the Year’ by a Swedish Newspaper. But she
is not a woman, she is a child. It is time we
Politicians continue to squabble about bringing broadband stopped to ask if we are using her, failing
to rural Ireland. Meanwhile, there are people who move to her, and even sacrifcing her, for what we
this small part of the world for exactly the opposite reason, perceive to be a greater good. ”to get away from it all, especially the dreaded www. Paulina Neuding, Swedish journalist and European
editor of Quillette online magazineOne man, Mark Boyle, recently wrote a book about his
experience called The Way home: Tales from a life WiThouT
Technology. He sleeps better, he says; he loves writing and
receiving letters; he goes to live music sessions instead of I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want “streaming music and interacts more with his neighbours. you to panic. I want you to feel the fear
I feel every day. And then I want you He has built a hot tub where he drinks homemade
to act. I want you to act as you would in blackberry wine under the stars. His running water literally
a crisis. I want you to act as if the house does run, into a well down the road where he has to walk
is on fre. Because it is.
and fetch it every day. Of course, not everyone can go ”
Greta Thunberg at the World Economic Forum cold turkey on technology. He admits that his girlfriend
in Davos, January 2019
left him after two years of living like this, but he has
found a new companion and she appreciates the hot
1In Greek legend, Cassandra was cursed to utter prophesies tub under the stars as much as he does.
that were true but that no one would believe.
2Joan of Arc claimed to have received visions instructing her
to squabble se chamailler, to recover France from English domination.
se quereller
broadband le haut débit
climate change le changement climatiquedreaded rédouté, craint
to pay lip service to apporter un soutien de façade àa hot tub un jacuzzi
a blackberry une mûre guilt la culpabilité
a well un puits striking en grève
to fetch rapporter to fail someone décevoir
to go cold turkey se sevrer, arrêter qqch hopeful optimiste, plein d’espoir
Go English No 97 July-August 2019 5
© CC BY-SA 4.0