Go English n°103
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Go English n°103


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GO ENGLISH KIDS est l’outil parfait pour faire aimer l'anglais à vos enfants : les articles culturels anglophones adaptés à leur âge vont les passionner (cinéma, société, voyage, science, histoire/géographie…). Basé sur le programme de l'Éducation nationale, il accompagne les jeunes lecteurs, et les habitue à lire l’anglais moderne grâce à ses thèmes variés et ses exercices. Chaque numéro apporte une nouvelle thématique, et avec lui son lot de nouveaux mots de vocabulaire à apprendre et sa grammaire. L'enfant peut ainsi acquérir les connaissances demandées à chaque niveau de son initiation. GO ENGLISH KIDS propose en plus des « Flash cards » détachables : vocabulaire, expressions idiomatiques, points de grammaire… Les compagnons parfaits pour des révisions ludiques et efficaces !



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Published 29 September 2020
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no 103
July - August 2020
South by
Tex-Mex food
The oil price war 5 5 O+
Dialogues about tornadoesRenée WORDS AND
The importance of ‘the’ IDIOMS!Zellweger
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anglophone !Welcome to Go English number 103!
Here comes the summer! It will be diffcult to take planes and contents
make long trips so we have decided to take you to an exotic place, n o   1 0 3  July-August 2020full of images from Western movies and TV series: Texas! Did you
know that before being the second-largest state in the US, it used NEWS
to be French, Spanish, Mexican and a state of its own? You will
4-5 In the News B2 C1
learn a lot about Texas: its history, the oil business, the most
C15 Press Clippings intriguing festival in Austin, the life of Janis Joplin, Tex-Mex
6-7 The News in Depth B2 C1 food and country music. This issue will also take you to a food
Texas and the oil price war truck in New Zealand, teach you about the use of the word ‘the’,
the expressions with ‘cow’ or ‘bull’, and the use of ‘would’. LANGUAGE
You will also visit an amusement park in Buena Vista,
8-10 Words & Culture C1 South California, that was there long before Disneyland.
The importance of ‘the’ Enjoy the ride!
Valérie Hyenveux, editor in chief 11 What to Say B1
How to express that you feel hot
12-13 Tips & Techniques B1 B2
TornadoesExpress that
14-15 The Grammar Point B1 to C2 you feel hot11
Imperfectives 2: Would
C116-17 Did You Know?
Expressions with the words ‘cow’ or ‘bull’
B2 C118 1 0 Words
Cowboy vocabulary20
tr AvEL AND CULt Ur EJanis Joplin ,
B2 C1‘Me and Bobby McGee’ 20-21 Life as Art
Janis Joplin, ‘Me and Bobby McGee’
B2 C122-23 Profle TImE Tr AvEL Ricky Gervais, creator of ‘The Offce’
C124-27 Time Travel
The history of Texas
C1 C229-31 Talking to
Renée Zellweger about Judy
32-33 On the Job C1
Rosie Danvers, bar manager in a food truck
34-36 Industry Focus C1 C2 24 The history of Texas Knott’s Berry Farm turns 100
36 Numbers Talking B1 B2
B2 C137 Business News
38 Trendy Places B1
Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas, USAINDUSTr Y FOCUS:
Knott’s Berry Farm 40-41 Insights C1
turns 100 South by Southwest
42-43 What’s Up? B2 C1
C1 C244-45 World of Food
B2 C146-47 Quiz
Country music
C148 Just Kidding!
SYmBOLS: Article in American English 48 Tongue Twisters B2 C1
49 Next Issue & Answers
Article read and recorded on audio fles
The audio fles also have pronunciation and intonation
Digital Audio exercises based on articles from the magazine.
The articles range from level B1 to C2 of the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages. goenglish.frB1 Intermediate AdvancedC1
B2 Upper Intermediate C2 Profciency
Go English No 103 July-August 2020 3
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Article by r uth Adam
Seaside residents asked to help birds fend
for themselves away from towns
Increasingly, gulls hang around British seaside resorts scavenging for food,
and it works to their advantage that we are a slovenly lot and don’t dispose
of our leftovers correctly. However, sometimes they don’t even wait to peck
around in our rubbish, and zoom in to snatch a morsel as we eat. A prominent
gull researcher in Britain says that maintaining eye contact can deter gulls
from snatching food, which is good to know, but maybe this is easier for
an ornithologist than the average person eating chips at the seaside.
seaside littoral, de bord de mer to scavenge faire les poubelles to snatch (ici) piquer
to fend for oneself se débrouiller tout seul slovenly négligé a morsel un morceau, une bouchée
a gull une mouette to dispose of se débarrasser de prominent célèbre
to hang around attendre, faire le pied leftovers les restes to deter dissuader, décourager
de grue to peck donner des coups de bec chips (ici) des frites
Being altruistic comes at a price
The Legal Aid Society is the nation’s oldest non-proft legal
organization, and it helps the people who most need but t he t urn
can least afford legal representation. Many young lawyers Ardern
leaving law school are keen to take on this work because
movement they believe in it, but they also know that they will have
a starting salary which is half that of lawyers who choose
A visceral hatred has sprung up in reaction
to work in a private law frm. Some of them manage but
to New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda
others, especially in expensive cities, have to take on other Ardern’s (justifed, some might say)
jobs to get by. They deliver meals or help people with their global popularity. There is an organisation
taxes. They don’t even want to earn private sector salaries: of people (grown men) who go into
they would just like a modest upgrade to at least be equal newsagents and supermarkets to fnd
with the city’s law department. magazines with their prime minister’s
photo on them, and then turn them back
to front. “People want a prime minister
and not a fashion model. A lot of us feel
she spends a lot of time doing photo
shoots instead of running the country,”
says its founder, Colin Wilson, who has
a loyal following. They, in turn, clash with
an opposing army of Ardern supporters
who go around and realign the magazines.
All of this ends up on social media, and
results in trolling and even death threats.
And to add fuel to the fre, the prime
minister has a second biography coming
out at the end of the year.
hatred la haine
to spring up (ici) jaillir, apparaître
(sprang, sprung)
grown men des hommes adultes
to clash affronter
to end up se retrouver
to troll se comporter comme to come at ne pas avoir que to be keen être motivé
un « troll » sur Interneta price des avantages to get by s’en sortir
a death threat une menace de mortto afford avoir les moyens de payer an upgrade une actualisation,
a lawyer un avocat une mise à niveau
4 Go English No 103 July-August 2020
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Article by r uth Adam
Boris Johnson appeared to have grown
up even before he became ill with
Covid-19; gone was the dishevelled
hair routine and the bumbling speeches.
But he did hesitate before fnally
introducing necessary restrictions.
Strangely enough, academics and even
the opposition granted that he might
have problems curtailing British
Climbing Ayers r ock is out
The UK population have signifcant of bounds “control over their daily life and choose
when to pop out for a pint of milk or go to The creation stories of the Anangu* people are sacred
a concert. Signifcant disruptions greatly
and are rooted in the geology of Uluru, the extraordinary reduce that control and thus need high
red rock formation once known as Ayers Rock, in the heart population compliance. You won’t get that
of Australia. For years, the Anangu have asked visitors to over a long period of time. People already
accept that it is a holy place and should not be climbed. can’t be trusted to buy toilet rolls
properly.“This is our home,” a sign at the base says. “Please don’t ”climb.” Now, fnally, climbing has been offcially banned. Dr Michael head, University of Southampton
“It took a long time,” a resident said. “The last day that
the gate is open to climbers will be an emotional one
for all Indigenous people from Central Australia. Most Leaders need to lead by example.
people respect this, only some people are worried about “It wasn’t a good thing that [Boris
money. We’re not worried about the money.” Johnson] was telling people that
he was going around shaking hands
*Anangu (pronounced arn-ahng-oo) means ‘people’ in Pitjantjatjara and being quite nonchalant about
and Yankunytjatjara, two Aboriginal languages. The line under the ‘n’
the virus.is called a retrofex, it gives an indication for pronunciation. ”
Prof Devi Sridhar, chair of global public
health at the University of Edinburghto climb grimper holy sacré
out of bounds (ici) interdit banned interdit
to be rooted in être enraciné dans a gate (ici) un accès
It is going to spread further and “I must level with you, I must level
with the British public: many more
families are going to lose loved ones
before their time.Libraries have books ”Boris Johnson, UK Prime Ministerand books can be fun
This is the message of Clowns Without Borders
South Africa. They tour with their roadshow, which It is now clear that, just as Theresa
is aimed at building bridges between schools and “May’s premiership was broken by Brexit,
libraries to help end the blight of illiteracy in South and Gordon Brown’s defned by the
Africa. To ensure the tour reaches those that need fnancial crisis, Johnson will forever be
remembered – for good or ill – as the it most, they deliberately select schools without
coronavirus prime minister.libraries. They show the benefts of joining a library ”and reading, and how to take care of books, and heather Stewart, political editor of The Guardian
when the clowning is done, the children are
encouraged to sign up for membership cards.
dishevelled ébourifféTeachers are allowed to take out 25 books at a
bumbling empoté, ineptetime; this means they can help out pupils whose an academic un universitaire
parents are unable to supply the documents to curtail écourter, abréger
necessary for a library membership. to pop out sortir
a disruption une perturbation
thus ainsia library une bibliothèque to sign up s’inscrire
compliance la docilité, le respect deto be aimed at être destiné à a pupil un élève
to shake hands serrer des mainsto build bridges construire des ponts to be unable ne pas pouvoir,
a blight (ici) un féau être incapable de to spread se propager
to ensure s’assurer que to supply fournir to level with être franc avec
premiership le poste de premier ministre
Go English No 103 July-August 2020 5
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