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Go English n°104


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GO ENGLISH KIDS est l’outil parfait pour faire aimer l'anglais à vos enfants : les articles culturels anglophones adaptés à leur âge vont les passionner (cinéma, société, voyage, science, histoire/géographie…). Basé sur le programme de l'Éducation nationale, il accompagne les jeunes lecteurs, et les habitue à lire l’anglais moderne grâce à ses thèmes variés et ses exercices. Chaque numéro apporte une nouvelle thématique, et avec lui son lot de nouveaux mots de vocabulaire à apprendre et sa grammaire. L'enfant peut ainsi acquérir les connaissances demandées à chaque niveau de son initiation. GO ENGLISH KIDS propose en plus des « Flash cards » détachables : vocabulaire, expressions idiomatiques, points de grammaire… Les compagnons parfaits pour des révisions ludiques et efficaces !



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Published 29 September 2020
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Frances Morris, director of Tate Modern
The Grammar point: Adverbs
Chris Evans
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B1 toC2 intermediate toadvanced
no1 04 September - October 2020
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DES THÉMATIQUES VARIÉES, INTERDISCIPLINAIRES Un contenu original, bien construit et accessible
Histoire, géographie, sciences, etc. Les sujets abordés dans les magazines permettent de créer des ponts entre les matières.
Nourrissez la curiosité des élèves !
Distanciel et présentiel
Préparez auxexam-evnosu!s
Une source d’inspiration formidable pour préparer des exposés dans toutes les matières.
Consolider et approfondir Aborder l’anglais de façon divertissante, les apprentissages par la lecture un excellent moyen de susciter envie et l’écoute de l’anglais. et plaisir d’apprendre. vous DE LA GRAMMAIRE, DU VOCABULAIRE-Passionnez ET DES EXERCICES pour la culture Abordez les bases sous forme ludiqueanglophone !
Créez de l’interaction en classe !
Des exercices pour valider les acquis ainsi que des mises en situation qui permettent de développper des jeux de rôle.
Des Iches de révisions avec l’essentiel à retenir pour faciliter le travail d’apprentissage.
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Digital exeRcises
2020 has been a strange year… After an unusual springcontents Welcome to Go English number 104!n and summer, here comes the autumn. No one knows if we willo104September-October 2020 be able to live life as usual at the time of print. This issue will NEWS take you to the South Bank of London, the Tate Modern 4-5In the NewsB2 C1 museum and its Steve McQueen exhibit that stopped early 5PRess ClippingsC1 due to lockdown, and the history of the Guardiannewspaper. 6-7The News in DepthB2 C1 We will also show you the endless possibilities of e-learning Local heroes via the Khan Academy and the different spiritual offers online.Wishing you a happy autumn!LANGUAGE 8-10 Valérie Hyenveux, editor in chiefWoRds & CultuReC1C2  How COVID-19 has changed the way  we communicate 11What to SayB1 ExpRess How to express your hopes and dreams 11g a course onlineB1C2 youR hopes 12-13seuqTe&nichTsipB2 B1 and dReaMs Takin 14-15The GRaMMaR PointtoAdverbs: still, yet, anymore, no longer 16-17Did You Know?1 C 22Words relating to e-learning Expressions with the words ‘touch’ 1810 WoRdsB2 C1 Salman Khan and the Khan Academy trAvELANDCULtUrE © DR 20-21Life as ARtB2 C1 Steve McQueen, îlm director and artist 22-23PRoleB2 C1 24Bank, London South Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy 24-27TRaVel TiMeC1 29-31Talking toC1 Chris Evans and the team aboutDefenDingJacob BUSINESS 32-33On the JobC1 Frances Morris, director of Tate Modern 34-36 IndustRy FocusC1C2 TheguarDian’s great înancial turnaround South Bank, London TrAvEL TImE© malgosia janicka / Shutterstock.com 36NuMbeRs TalkingB1 B2 37 Business NewsB2 C1 LIFEStYLE 29Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden, London 38TALKING TO:TRendy PlacesB1 ChRis EVans and the teaM41C1 Insights40-aboutDefenDingJacob © 8FLIX Spiritual e-learning 42-43 What’s Up?B2 C1 44-45 WoRld of FoodB2 C1  The rising popularity of non-alcoholic beer Non-alcoh4olic4FUNANDGAMES  and cocktails Chris Evans’ photo on the cover:beeR and cocktails 46-47QuizB2 C1 © Featureash Photo Agency /Shutterstock.com Modern museums of the world 48Just Kidding!B2 C1 ARticle in AMeRican English SY48TongB2 C1 mBOLS:ue TwisteRs49Next Issue & AnsweRs ARticle Read and RecoRded onaudio les The audio îles also have pronunciation and intonation exeRcisesbased on articles. The articles range fromleVel B1toC2of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. ExeRcises based on the aRticles + Videos(songs, interviews, reports, etc.)B1InteRMediateB2UppeR InteRMediateC1AdVancedC2PRociency goenglish.frGo English No 104 September-October 2020
IN thE NEWS Article byruth AdaM
© Bansky
to get around sth lockdown obviously
contourner le conînement évidemment
tHe aRTisT Banksy managedTO geT aROund lOckdOwnBanksy, who normally paints huge murals in the small hours, wasobviouslypresented with a problem when lockdown arrived in England. But he continuedworking at home (which his wife can’tbear, he says) and posted a set of îve images of his work on Instagram – livelydrawingsof rats causingmayhemin his bathroom. He later produced a work of a boy playing with a nurse superherotoy, which was given to Southampton Hospital as a way of thanking them for their care andbraverythroughout the crisis. Once lockdown measures are lifted, the work will be on public display for some time and thenauctionedto raise moneyfor NHS (National Health Service) charities.
IReland ReTuRnsa kind gesTuReafTeR 170 yeaRs DuRingthe woRstpeRiod of the potato faMine in the Mid 19th centuRy, the ChoctawNation sent $170 to helpstaRVingfaMilies in County CoRk. This was a consideRable suM of Money back then, and the Choctaw weRe theMselVes pooR and going thRough a haRd tiMe; they had just beenfoRciblyRelocatedand had had to MaRch thousands of Miles,an oRdealduRing which Many of theM had died. The people of midleton in County CoRk always kept in touch with the tRibe, and eaRlieR this yeaR, they RecipRocatedthis ancientkindnessby Raising Money foR two otheR NatiVe AMeRican tRibes suffeRing in the COvID-19 pandeMic. Food, cleanwateR and Medical supplies weRe needed foRthe NaVajo Nation and the Hopi reseRVation,both of whoM haVe had soMe of the woRstoutbReaksin the United States.
a kind gesture the worst starving forcibly relocated an ordeal kindness an outbreak
un beau geste le pire affamé, qui meurt de faim par la force transféré, déporté une épreuve, un calvaire la gentillesse une épidémie
Go English No 1042020 September-October
to bear a drawing mayhem
supporter un dessin le désordre, la pagaille
bravery lifted to auction to raise money
le courage, la bravoure levé vendre aux enchères collecter des fonds
ZOO animalsseemTO bemissingHuman VisiTORs Many zoos in America and around the world noticed that their animals appeared to begettinglonelyduring lockdown. Birds andgorillas especially missed humans; looking at us, it would seem, is interesting for them as well. In Chicago’s Brookîeld Zoo, one particularly sociableparrotkeptshriekinghiskeeper’s name, until he înally arrived to pay some attention to him. Keepers tried to spend as much time as possible with animals, and often organized long walks in the zoo grounds for the penguins, who appear to like walking around with people as much as dogs do. They’refairlyeasygoingcreatures, and arranged meetings, wherethey saw elephants for the îrst time in their lives, were a success, with both speciesstanding stilland calmly regarding each other at a distance.
to seem to miss to get lonely a parrot to shriek
avoir l’air, sembler manquer se sentir seul un perroquet hurler
a keeper fairly easygoing to stand still
un gardien assez, plutôt facile à vivre, décontracté ne pas bouger, rester immobile
B2 C1 2-6
COnTemPORaRy aRT fROm AfRica sHOwn TO THe wORld The South African town of Stellenbosch is anunexpectedplace for contemporary art, speciîcally an experimental, pan-African exhibition, with artists from all over the continent – and not one of them white. For most South Africans, even after 26 years of democracy, Stellenbosch is still the town where the leaders of apartheid were schooled, and where banking billionaires reside today. But at the exhibition’sopening nightparty, DJs from Cape Town played Nigerian and Congolese dance hits, while the artistsmingled withAfrikaner înanciers. “I did look around many times, and just smile,” said one organiser. “It was a group of people that I hadn’t thought I would ever see in the same place.”
unexpected schooled
inattendu, imprévu scolarisé
an opening night mingled with
(ici) un vernissage se mêler à
AusTRalia’s OldesTsOaPReTuRns TO THe scReen The 35-yeaR-old soap ‘NeighbouRs’ has becoMe oneof the Rst Tv shows in the English-speaking woRld to RecoMMenceshooting, haVing been halted due to coRonaViRus RestRictions. The set has changed soMewhat… ActoRs Must stand Ve feet apaRt, they cannothold hands, kissing is sadly absent, anda bRawlis out of the question! And yet, the cast and cRew still hopeto conVeythe saMeheightenedsenseof intiMacy and dRaMa that the show’s fans haVe coMe to loVe. AgenuinelyseRious side to the soap’ssuRViVal is that it Might well set an iMpoRtant pRecedent foR the futuRe, as the scReen industRy has been affected globally, and both teleVision and cineMapRoductions haVe to follow stRange new Rules.
a soap (short for soap opera) shooting to hold hands a brawl
un feuilleton
(ici) un tournage se tenir par la main une bagarre
to convey heightened
transmettre renforcé, plus intense sincèrement
prESS CLIppINGS Article byruth AdaM
In an open letter to the government, Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United and England footballer, asked the governmentto reverseits decision to end thefood voucher schemebefore the summer. Finally, the governmentmade a U-turnandset upa £120-million COVID-19 summer food fund.
Heraised the awarenessof two issues, food insecurity and holidayhunger, that should not be a problem for children in a country aswealthyas England. Rashford is young, rich and famous and is part of a new wave of philanthropic black athletes giving their voice, their privilege and their wealth to social good. DeRek BaRdOwell, wRiTing On Race and Racism in sPORT in mOdeRn BRiTain
Marcus Rashford is showing ourfailingpoliticians how to do their jobs. MaRina hyde,GuardianjOuRnalisT wHO wRiTes On sPORT, celebRiTy and cuRRenT affaiRs
I understand why some people take the knee, but I would only do so for the Queen and the Mrs when I asked her to marry me. DOminic raab, SecReTaRy Of STaTe fOR FOReign & COmmOnwealTH AffaiRs, cOmmenTing On rasHfORd’s Taking a knee afTeR THe gOVeRnmenT’s U-TuRn
There should never have been any hesitation on the p art of government. Thehardshipandstruggleunder our current beneît system and support for those living in poverty will not end with thecontainmentof this virus. COVID-19 is a natural phenomenon – poverty is not. KeVin COuRTney, jOinT geneRal secReTaRy Of THe NaTiOnal EducaTiOn UniOn
to reverse a food voucher scheme
to make a U-turn to set up to raise awareness hunger wealthy failing to take the knee hardship struggle containment
faiRe MaRche aRRièRe une distRibution de bons aliMentaiRes faiRe deMi-touR MettRe en place sensibiliseR l’opinion la faiM Riche défaillant (ici) s’agenouilleR les épReuVes, les pRiVations la lutte l’endigueMent, le conneMent
Go English No 104 September-October 2020