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Magazine en anglais pour les niveaux intémédiaire à avancé : The wild state of Alaska - can CBD oil benefit our health? - Monthy Python's flying circus' is 50 - three emergency conversations - David Hockney, an innovative artist.



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Published 01 November 2019
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no 99
November - December 2019
wild state
Farmed salmon
vs wild salmon
Can CBD oil beneft
our health?
Grammar Point:
The adverbs
‘Monty Python’s
Flying Circus’ is 50 5 5 O+
WORDS AND Three emergency David Hockney,
conversations an innovative artist IDIOMS!
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n o   9 9  November-December 2019
How to gossip
4-5 In the News B2 C1
C15 Press Clippings
6-7 The News in Depth B2 C1
Can CBD oil beneft our health?
about sea creatures16 LANGUAGE
C1 C28-10 Words & Culture
How words get added to the Oxford English
11 What to Say B1
How to gossip
B1 B212-13 T ips & Techniques
Emergency numbers20
B1 C214-15 The Grammar Point to
Adverbs [1/2]Monty Python’s
C116-17 Did You Know? Flying Circus Expressions about sea creatures
18 1 0 Words B2 C1
English DictionaryNew to the
20-21 Life as Art B224
Monty Python, ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’
22-23 Profle B2 C1
David Hockney, an innovative artist
24-27 Travel Time C1
The wild state of Alaska
C1 C229-31 Talking to
Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick, about their
documentary KnocK down the house
The wild state of Alaska B232-33 On the Job
Mitch Seavey, sled dog racing champion
C1 C234-36 Indus try Focus
Farmed salmon vs wild salmon
B1 B236 Numbers Talking 34
37 Business News B2 C1
The great fsh faceoff:
LIFEStYLEFarmed salmon vs wild
salmon 38 Trendy Places B1
Talkeetna, Alaska, USA
40-41 Insights C1
‘Sesame Street’ is 50!
42-43 What’s Up? B2 C1
B2 C144-45 World of Food 40 Food that kills?
‘Sesame Street’ is 50!
B2 C146-47 Quiz
SYmBOLS: Article in American English US states and capitals
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Go English No 99 November-December 2019 3
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Article by r uth Adam
t he spiritual embraces the worldly
While baptising Justin Bieber, the pastor performing the ceremony was seen
to be wearing ‘Nike Fear of God’ sneakers. Appropriate footwear for a man
of the cloth, you might reasonably think, except that they sell online for
$500. It gets worse. A South Carolina preacher was spotted in red sneakers
that start at $6,000, and a Los Angeles preacher was photographed with
his $1,500 Gucci bag. Meanwhile, some of their parishioners struggle
to fnd a month’s rent or their children’s next meal. Pastors have not really to embrace (ici) adopter, saisir
worldly terrestre, de ce mondeentered into the discussion about their possessions; many say their luxury
sneakers des baskets,
clothes are gifts from designers, which may well be true. But some say des chaussures de sport
a man of the cloth un homme d’égliseoutright that they need to attract younger people who have turned away
a preacher un pasteur, un prédicateurfrom more traditional worship: millennials, they say, who might not otherwise a parishioner un paroissien
go to church, feel more at ease with a preacher who has swapped his outright franchement, carrément
worship (ici) pratique religieuseblack suit and tie for a leather jacket and $800 traxedo pants*.
to swap échanger, troquer
a suit and tie un costume-cravate*‘Traxedo pants are stretchy trousers with an elasticated waistband and relaxed shape,
from LA-based brand Rhude.
t he royal
r hinoceros poacher comes reaction to
to a sorry end the duchess’s
r angers in Kruger Park found a human skull and a pair front page…
of trousers – all that remained of a rhino poacher. Four
Meghan, Duchess of of his accomplices were arrested. They told the authorities
that the unfortunate man had been trampled to death Sussex, guest edited
by an elephant. He was then devoured by a pride of lions. the September issue
In a statement, the managing executive of Kruger of Vogue, and like all
stressed that entering the park illegally and on foot the royals, she had her admirers and detractors.
was not wise, as it holds many dangers. Indeed. But Forget the content: the slanging match began
a r hino horn can fetch up to $50,000 per kilogram —
when a photo of the cover appeared. It had
that’s more than gold or cocaine — and this is what
16 squares, 15 of which had photographs of drives the poaching business. Not many poachers die
women who have made or are setting out to such a death, but in 2017 alone, over 1,000 rhinos
make the world a better place, and the 16th were killed in gruesome conditions. r hino horn consists
was a square foil that refects an image of YOU! of 100% keratin and has no health benefts whatsoever
Now, the establishment don’t know anything for human beings. Yet, in its powdered form, it is still
about you, but they do know they strongly used as an aphrodisiac, or taken as a drink to reduce
a fever or hangover. dislike Meghan’s ‘leftie friends’ rising to
prominence like this. And there were only fve
a poacher un braconnier to fetch rapporter
Englishwomen among the sixteen; and there to trample piétiner gruesome horrible
a pride (ici) une troupe a horn une cornewasn’t a single male; and some of them were
wise (ici) judicieux, whatsoever aucun, pas le moindre
too famous; and some of them weren’t famous prudent a hangover une gueule de bois
enough. Apparently, it gets easier; at frst Kate
(fellow duchess and sister-in-law) could do
nothing right either. But even the cantankerous
grow weary. Meghan just needs to hang on to
that thought.
a front page une couverture (de magazine)
a slanging match un échange d’injures
foil du papier d’aluminium
the establishment l’ordre social
leftie de gauche, gauchiste
prominence la célébrité, la notoriété
cantankerous acariâtre, irascible
weary fatigué, las
4 Go English No 99 November-December 2019
© DR
© DR
Article by r uth Adam
Boris Johnson became Prime Minister
of the UK in July. He was, however,
not elected by the voting population
of Britain but was chosen by the Not just a gay female rabbi,
membership of the Conservative Party,
she has also been divorced which is largely old, white and male,
and is made up of approximately 0.2% Canadian r abbi Lisa Grushcow has been named
of the British population. as one of the most inspiring rabbis in America.
She is a member of the Jewish r eform movement,
where being a gay rabbi is feasible, but acceptance
What people want to know – and I mean
of divorce is still not a no-brainer. At frst the temple “people from across the political spectrum – is
was not convinced – this was not how they wanted how Boris Johnson is about to become Prime
to be seen, but she soon won them over with her Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, and
intellect and empathy. generally in charge of everything. How?
She believes that her ”
Matthew D’Ancona, author and journalist, who succeeded life experience has Boris Johnson as editor of The SpecTaTor in 2006
only deepened her
understanding of
humanity’s troubles Boris Johnson as Prime Minister “and broadens the will be the best recruiting sergeant
number of those she ever for an independent Scotland. ”can relate to. Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister
feasible réalisable,
He is an unelected Prime Minister not a no-brainer pas facile “to deepen approfondir, who risks gambling with peace and
intensifer stability in Northern Ireland.
to broaden élargir ”
Phil hogan, Irish politician and serving European to relate to se sentir proche
Commissionerde, s’identifer à
1He will be great! They call him Britain “Trump. That’s a good thing. ”
US President Donald trump
A doctor who dreams of curing
If the Johnson family had stuck the opioid crisis “to showbusiness like The Osmonds,
Dr George O’Neil of Perth, Australia, hopes that one Marx Brothers or von Trapp family,
day his discovery will help eliminate the scourge of the world would be a better place.
2Yet the Tories , in their terror, have opioid addiction in the world. He implants naltrexone
elevated a cavorting charlatan to tablets in his patients’ stomachs, and this blocks and
the steps of Downing Street.eliminates the need for addicts to take ”
Max hastings, former editor of The Daily a pill or have an injection. Furthermore,
Telegraph, where he was Johnson’s boss
unlike some medication used to for a decade
combat addiction, naltrexone is not
itself addictive. Columbia University
A dog is not just for Christmas. This in New York has fnally been awarded “Prime Minister is not just for Brexit… a research grant for two years, so
Uh, you know, let’s look ahead.hopefully Dr O’Neil will see his wish ”Stanley Johnson, father of Boris and former come true.
Conservative MP
1President Trump meant to use an adjective, so it should be
‘British’ Trump.
2‘Tories’ is the informal name of the members of the Conservative
to cure guérir
to be about to être sur le point dea scourge un féau
former ex, anciena pill un comprimé
to gamble (ici) mettre en péril, mettre en jeua research grant une subvention
to stick to (stuck, stuck) s’en tenir àde recherche
cavorting qui fait des cabrioles, a wish come true un rêve devenu réalité
qui est extravagant
Go English No 99 November-December 2019 5
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