Personal finances

Manage your finances better on a daily basis:

As budgets tighten in almost every home, many of us are looking for solutions to better manage our finances. Youscribe offers you various useful information media. On the program, advice to help you reduce your expenses, save smart or negotiate your credit application.

Bank loans, savings: aim for the best rates

At each stage of our life, banks can help us carry out projects that are important to us but also to better prepare for the future. You will find on Youscribe relevant advice to learn how to manage a stock portfolio or to choose a savings solution.

What are the best rates for applying for credit? What investments should you choose based on your profile? How to finance a real estate project? Financial experts have studied these questions and deliver their conclusions to you.

Manage the family budget

Energy, food, mutuals, insurance… each household must today find the best solutions to optimize its budget. By consulting the downloadable documents for free or for a fee, you will follow the best tips for saving intelligently.

How to reduce your bills, how to successfully save… here you will find answers to key questions. Studies, statistics and other comparisons will help you to see more clearly in order to manage your personal budget effectively.

Deciphered politics

Do you want to better understand the various challenges of current or past government policies? Experts on the subject lift the veil on politics and various government measures by deciphering them for you.

Through detailed reports and in-depth analysis, you will learn how economic policies can transform a country in depth. A reminder of the major essential theories will also help students better understand the most famous economists.