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Partition , Vanity, Ecclesiastes, ou pour Preacher, Cantata, Soprano (and/or Tenor) and Orchestra (or Keyboard)


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Redécouvrez la partition de Ecclesiastes, ou pour Preacher , Vanity, par Alburger, Mark , Op. 3 , Soprano (and/or Tenor) and Orchestra (or Keyboard). Partition de style moderne.
Cette partition comprend une variété de mouvements: 12 et une subtile association d'instruments.
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Date composition: 1975
Edition: Springfield, PA: New Music, No. 750501, 1975.
Durée / duration: 17 minutes
Libbretiste: Bible (Ecclesiastes)



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Language English


PIANO-VOCAL ECCLESIASTES OR THE PREACHER MARK ALBURGE OP. 3 I. 8 SEC HIGH INHALE AS POSSIBLE VIOLENTL SCREAM >DESCEND IN PITC__œ  œ_ _ ¬ >» œ »»  Œ SOPRANOe œ &=========l=================L===l » »»_ l VA- N-I TY OF VA - NI -TIES OTHERS lLOW 1 CELLO 1 SEC FOLLOW IN w_CELLO & LONG GLISS. S POSSIBLE l SUCCESSION ¬BASS CLUSTER CELLOl L=?============================l _ lBASSES_ 3 SEC FOLLOW l LIKE LOOSE l H E A D ¬l  BASS DRUM“=?============================l > l  l HIT XYLOPHON l l A CLUSTE LET RING VIBRAPHONE l=&============================ “ > l  f lHIT l CLUSTER lCHIMESLET RINGl =& ============================ l  > f “ l GONGlLET RING l &“  l =&=>=========================== 9 SECl SUS CYMBAL 1 SECf lHIT l THREE l GLISS. œ TIMPANINOTESl =?===============»============= lLET RING_ P “ l LOWf p l “ l NOTE ROL lLIMITED “ l RANGE l LOWf PIANORHYTHMIC l =?============================ CLUSTER lMELODY p LET RINGl l CHINESE “ l TEMPLERHYTHMIC l =& ============================ f BLOCKSBEATl l TOM-TOMS /“ l lRHYTHMIC BONGOS “ l L=& ============================ BEAT MARACASl f l(NI) ¬ p TROMBONE l (& OTHERS)L=?============================l f [TRUMPETS HORNS N.B. ALL PITCHES INDETERMINATE TUBA "I. VANITY"
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