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Among the different major periods in the history of music , there is of course the Baroque . Extending the XVII th century to the middle of the XVIII th century in most European countries, the Baroque music follows the renaissance period and precedes the period of classical music classicism ( see our scores on classical music ). It was also during the Baroque period that we saw the appearance of opera and its spectacular development. The peculiarity of baroque music is the continuous bass which supports the music.

You will discover in this part of multiple scores of baroque music , which will allow you to play scores of great composers, but also of others a little less known.

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Born in Italy with the opera L'Orfeo (1607) by Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi, baroque music disappeared in the 1760s . This particular style of music can easily be identified with the importance of counterpoint and with the harmony that will gradually become richer. This music also has a lot of contrasts.
Of course, baroque music itself includes several musical genres (all of our musical genres here ) such as opera, concerto, choir or sonata. You will of course find baroque music scores that cover most of the genres of music mentioned above.

Due to its creation in ancient times, many current instruments did not exist when the baroque music scores were created . In this style of music, the most used instruments such as the recorders (see our scores here ), the book cornet, the harpsichords, the lute, the organ (our scores here ), the viola da gamba or the violin baroque ( our violin scores ).

The great composers

Baroque music having lasted more than 150 years, there are therefore a large number of composers . Here are some of the most famous composers of baroque music: Tomaso Albinoni, Johann Sebastian Bach, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Antonio Vivaldi, François Couperin, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Claudio Monteverdi or Heinrich Schütz.

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You are looking for scores from major operas , concertos, etc. Then you will find a lot of things in this thematic with several thousand scores of baroque music . So you can discover this important musical period.