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We often use the term classical music to speak of all "learned music"  from medieval times to the present day. The latter must be opposed to so-called "popular" music. Yet we must not forget that classical music is a musical time well defined as well as the music of the Renaissance or the romantic music .

You will find in this thematic a set of documents and scores that will allow you to better discover classical music and its great composers. We will talk here about real classical music extending during the classical period.

70 years of musical wonders

Between 1750 and 1820 , all the courts of Europe and the Western world will see appear and propagate the music of the classical period. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful periods in the creation of works of learned music. Indeed, many composers still very famous today come from this time.

Before discovering the different composers of the classical era , it is interesting to look at what differentiates classical music, from its predecessor baroque music (see our scores here ) or from the following romantic music. In fact, classicism has great rigor, harmonic simplicity, but the importance of melody. There is also a disappearance of the bass continuum which predominated during the Baroque period.

Great composers and instruments

In just 70 years of existence, this musical style has seen the appearance of a large number of composers, still known worldwide today. Among them, we are obliged to name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Ludwig van Beethoven , Antonio Salieri , Christoph Willibald Gluck , etc. The classical style was especially prolific in Austria, Germany and Italy, to a lesser extent in France, Spain or Portugal.

You will, of course, find in this thematic a very large choice of classical music scores by these different composers. Advantage, these are often free, so don't hesitate to download them.

One of the great firsts of this period was the appearance of a new instrument, including the very famous piano ( our piano scores ), which experienced significant growth during the classical period. Otherwise the other instruments commonly used in the music of this period are violins ( on this page of violin scores), oboes, trombones, trumpets, clarinets ( here ), flutes or bassoons.

Download our different classical music scores

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