Early 20th sheet music

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After the terrifying First World War, the world and especially Europe began a real renaissance from an artistic and cultural point of view. While art deco is the great trend of the 1920s in terms of fine arts, the music of the 20s will be the  music of the roaring twenties . It will completely differ from the post 1920 period, because the situation to change: meteoric economic growth, American influence with jazz appearing with American soldiers, radio appearances, popularization of dance, birth of the thought of "never again that ", etc.

Music inspired by the United States

If you can say one thing about the music of the 1920s , it is that it was largely influenced by American soldiers. The latter actually took jazz , hi-hat  and shimmy with them .

This era of the Roaring Twenties was also the appearance, especially in Paris, of new dances in Paris with the music hall, the Swedish ballet or the operetta. So if you like the music of the twenties , you just have to browse our different pages and find the music scores that suit you.

Music sheets from the roaring twenties to download

In addition to being mostly free, you will have access to one of the largest catalogs of sheet music of the 20s . Discover a very wide choice of music that can only delight you. So download them and you can play them from home.

The music of these 20s goes a lot using certain instruments like the trumpet , the saxophone , the guitar ( learning guitar chords ) or even the piano ( our piano tablatures ). So if you play one of these instruments, you will have no trouble playing music scores from the twenties .