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After the splendid period of classical music which reigns in Europe from 1750 to 1820, a new era will begin, that of romantic music . If there is a great composer who makes the transition between these two eras, it is Ludwig van Beethoven who started by composing classical and ending with romantic music .

You will find in this thematic a very large choice of documents and scores of romantic music , enough to discover the works of the great composers of this time.

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Music with colorful and evocative sounds , it will also have the distinction of keeping for almost a century a certain continuity. Indeed, during romanticism, music becomes a real art, on the same level as the fine arts . Towards the end of the romantic period of music , there will also be a certain patriotism in certain works by great composers.

The romantic era of music is especially marked by the popularization of an instrument, the piano-forte, which will then evolve into piano. Indeed, even if it already began to be used by some composers of the classical period, it became essential in the following century and even replaced the harpsichord. The piano ( see our piano scores ) will therefore allow you to exploit great dynamic contrast.

During this splendid period which is romantic music , there will exist different forms of music of which the best known are the symphony , the lied , the concerto , the ballet and of course the opera . Of course this musical era which will spread throughout Europe will have some great centers of creation with Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia and France.

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The romantic era of music is undoubtedly one of the most prosperous periods of musical art, with very many composers and therefore very musical works. You will discover on YouScribe a very wide choice of romantic music scores .

So if you are looking for music scores by great composers like Hector Berlioz, Franz Schubert, Frederic Chopin , Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner or Giuseppe Verdi, then you are on the right theme.