Personal development

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Personal development and coaching: finding the keys to happiness

Do you want to live happily? What could be more natural ! But often difficult to find the way alone. Learning well-being, solving difficulties, reconciling with your body or with yourself ... Personal development can help you find your inner harmony.

Mens sana in corpore sano: harmony of the body, harmony of the spirit

Personal development induces a multitude of methods. Consult our directories of techniques in vogue, in order to learn how to manage daily stress, tame or improve your sleep, make positivity your new way of life.

With our files, for free or paid download, learn to find a new well-being every day. Take care of your body by testing, for example, the multiple massage techniques. A coach can help you find the method that's right for you.

Finding solutions to better human relationships

Living in harmony with yourself requires harmony with others. Youscribe offers you the appropriate solutions for better communication. Couple relationships, mother-daughter relationships, relationships with a teenager ... are covered in our advice sheets.

You will learn how to manage a separation, adopt a new way of life while avoiding conflicts and power struggles. Above all, you will learn to consider everything, person, event, with kindness.

Coaching: help that is sometimes essential on the path to personal development

Anything that makes you feel good is good for your mind! But sometimes, support is necessary on the path of self-transformation, to understand certain techniques (meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, song therapy, massages ...) or psychological therapies: CBT, NLP, analysis ...

Our sheets will help you identify recognized professionals and set up the right coaching: the one that will lead you to the improvement of your life.