NeWest Press

Founded in 1977, NeWest Press is one of Canada's first independent literary publishing houses. NeWest publishes literary fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama, as well as a line of mystery novels, with a particular interest in books by Western Canadian authors.


Sea of Cortez - Garry Ryan
Sea of Cortez
Garry Ryan
99 Pages
The Eavesdroppers - Rosie Chard
170 Pages
The Home for Wayward Parrots - Darusha Wehm
129 Pages
Left - Theanna Bischoff
Theanna Bischoff
187 Pages
Cobra Clutch - A.J. Devlin
Cobra Clutch
A.J. Devlin
154 Pages
Mountain Blues - Sean Arthur Joyce
Mountain Blues
Sean Arthur Joyce
142 Pages
To Me You Seem Giant - Greg Rhyno
185 Pages
What is Going to Happen Next - Karen Hofmann
167 Pages
Matanzas - Garry Ryan
Garry Ryan
118 Pages
Darwin's Moving
Taylor Lambert
73 Pages
Chorus of Mushrooms - Hiromi Goto
145 Pages
Entropic - R.W. Gray
R.W. Gray
121 Pages
Bittersweet Sands - Rick Ranson
93 Pages
North East - Wendy McGrath
North East
Wendy McGrath
60 Pages
Dance, Gladys, Dance - Cassie Stocks
184 Pages
Foxed - Garry Ryan
Garry Ryan
120 Pages
Shallow Enough to Walk Through - Marissa Reaume
110 Pages
After Alice - Karen Hofmann
After Alice
Karen Hofmann
172 Pages
The Insistent Garden - Rosie Chard
227 Pages
The Devil
177 Pages
Western Taxidermy - Barb Howard
92 Pages
Seal Intestine Raincoat - Rosie Chard
159 Pages
Moon Honey - Suzette Mayr
Moon Honey
Suzette Mayr
124 Pages
Butterflies in Bucaramanga - Tanna Patterson-Z
105 Pages
The Bottom Line - Diana Gibson
The Bottom Line
Diana Gibson
53 Pages
The Frog Lake Reader - Myrna Kostash
139 Pages
Border Markers - Jenny Ferguson
Border Markers
Jenny Ferguson
57 Pages