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YouScribe’s digital library satisfies essential needs: access to education, culture and knowledge.

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YouScribe’s library is made for any reader: your clients, students, professors or colleagues.

E-learning solution for professionals:

  • Enhance your professional skills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Management, Sales, Marketing, Management, Finance, Law, Communication, Computing, Project Management, …
  • Promote personal development thanks to key handbooks about leadership or stress management
  • Unite your team around a common and innovative goal
  • Share your access to YouScribe’s library after work with your family members

A digital library for students and professors:

  • YouScribe is a digital publishing platform thanks to which professors or students can easily publish and share pedagogical content
  • A very rich catalogue full of the best content of more than 500 publishers along with documents: internship reports, master and doctor thesis, group works…
  • An international as well as local offer in tune with the local economical, legal and business environment
  • A solution that is suitable with the needs and digital habits of the students (mobile-first, audiobooks, offline reading modus…)

An original customer acquisition and loyalty tool:

  • Increase the perceived value of your offers by associating it to YouScribe’s access codes
  • Target the reading needs of any client thanks to the diversity and width of the catalogue
  • Offer a personalized entertainment service
  • Develop your brand image and become an innovative challenger

Why choose YouScribe?

The best e-learning solution for professionals:

  • Local content about various topics: banking sector, business and legal context, literature (novels, comics, …)
  • A full 360° reading solution: ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers and pedagogical resources
  • A catalogue that is constantly enriched thanks to new books, without adding any additional cost
  • Hand-tailored best picks (push/pull), in order to ensure best use of the service and high satisfaction of the readers
  • A mobile-first approach: a 100% responsive website (adapting to each screen) and a YouScribe mobile app with offline reading modus

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